Making Movies

Making Movies

We hope you like it.

Ashers on the Big Screen!

Well maybe not the big screen - but we had a lot of fun shooting it.

When we first embarked down the road to producing our new website we thought it would be great fun to produce a short movie about Ashers that would let you get to know us better, show you we are a family run business, that we love doing what we do and that you play an important part of our journey.

It was then we decided to engage with Scott at Scene-it Media and the boys at 2bcreative to come up with a movie and website that we could be proud of. 

Scott's vision for the movie was outstanding. Nothing was a problem and his creative eye was amazing in what was a challenging environment. Our factory, is a spotlessly clean workshop with bright lights, white overalls and many bodies all beavering away in the background. So to come up with this finished article looking as gorgeous, sumptious and friendly as it is - was genius!

Over to the boys at 2bc and they pulled it all together, combining ecommerce with movie making and of course - great baking.

We hope you enjoy the movie and continue to shop with us online